$50.00 Rebate on Ground Hog Arena Tool

Lucas Metal Works is offering a Rebate when you purchase the Ground Hog Arena Tool

Ground Hog Arena Tool | Arena Drag | $50 Rebate$50.00 Rebate for Each Arena Tool Bought

After purchasing one or more Ground Hog Arena Tools you can receive a $50 rebate for each arena drag purchased. To receive your $50 rebate, find the Rebate and Warranty form from our Ground Hog page under the Ground Hog Arena Tool Resources tab or click here. Print out the Rebate form, follow the simple instructions and send it in along with the additional documents described in the form.

How it Works | History of the Ground Hog Arena Tool

Safer Arenas for Horse and Rider | Innovative Arena Drags

The history of the Lucas Metal Works Ground Hog Arena Tool began nearly 20 years ago. Raymond Lucas saw a need for one tool that could groom the arena ground in one pass, and produce the same consistent result every time. His desire was, and still is, to have a safe and flawlessly conditioned ground for horse and rider. As a grandfather and father of nationally renowned barrel racers, he observed other tools throughout the country.

Raymond developed the first model of The Ground Hog Arena Tool which enabled arena owners to not only rework the surface with the unit’s hydraulically operated ripper shanks, but also to fill in the holes that are dug by the horse when going around a barrel. This was accomplished with the unit’s double grader blades, which allow for dirt to be carried by the unit and evenly distributed throughout the arena. This allows the arena drag’s pegged finishing roller to compact and finish the ground safely for the horse and the rider.

Watering System | Ground Hog Arena Tool | Arena Drag | Lucas Metal Works

Optional Watering System | Arena Drag

Maintains the Arena’s Moisture While Keeping the Dust Down

The optional watering system can be added to the Ground Hog Arena Tool to allow the user to maintain the moisture of their arena‘s surface. In essence, this also helps keep the dust settled and not entering the horse and riders’ lungs. This also allows the arena drag’s rippers to work the surface easier with moisture for the terrain.

Get Your Own Ground Hog Arena Tool

Our Ground Hog Arena tool is offered in several different colors: Blue, Black, Green, Orange and Pink.

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The Ground Hog Arena Tool is a division of Lucas Metal Works – located near Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Ground Hog is available throughout the country through our network of Ground Hog Arena Tool Dealers. To become a Ground Hog dealer, fill out the form here. For more Ground Hog Arena Tool Resources, including brochures, instructions, installation guides and more, click here.