Why Lucas Custom Metal Work

As a young entrepreneur Raymond Lucas had developed several businesses throughout Northeastern Oklahoma that were successful. Mr. Lucas then wanted to have a hobby shop to tinker with projects. Little did Mr. Lucas know that his small hobby shop for custom metal work turned out to be a business with various regional and national brands in multiple industries.

Therefore as Mr. Lucas’ custom metal work service got wind to individuals and businesses throughout Northeastern Oklahoma Lucas Metal Works was created. Founded in 1968 as a custom metal work service center just behind Mr. Lucas’ house. The company and the company’s custom metal work capabilities have grown immensely since those day. However the principles of the custom metal work shop remain the same. To provide individuals and companies with down-to-earth friendly customer service. In addition to the company maintaining industry leading equipment and technology, such as the company’s CNC Plasma Cutting Machine, that will help their customers create, fabricate, and repair aluminum and steel products.

From custom metal gates to steel fabrication. To a simple tool repair. Lucas’ custom metal work service and products are backed by over forty years of experience in the industry. Send us your drawings or give us a call about your project. You can be guaranteed that Lucas can help you create, fabricate, or repair your steel or aluminum project.