Earn a Tax Credit with Energy Saving Metal Roofing Panels

Energy Saving Metal Roofing – 2013 Tax Credit

Energy Saving Metal Roofing Panels | Lucas Metal Works | Tulsa, OKMetal roofing is used on more than just commercial buildings. Homeowners have found it to be an efficient way to save on energy costs. In fact, metal roofs installed in 2012 through the end of 2013 are eligible for a Tax Credit of up to $500.00 when purchased from an Energy Star Approved company. Lucas Metal Works is Energy Star approved. That means when homeowners have Lucas Metal Works metal roofing panels installed before the end of 2013, they are eligible for the Tax Credit offered through Congress.

Now is the time to buy Lucas Metal Works roofing panels. Not only are homeowners eligible for the Tax Credit, but with Lucas Metal Works roofing panels there is a lifetime of savings on heating and cooling costs. This savings can add up to 25% off energy bills. Lucas Metal Works roofing panels have a 40 year warranty. Check out the 16 different colors of metal roofing panels to choose from on our Metal Roofing page.

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