Lucas Bale Unroller

The Lucas Bale Unroller was designed by a farmer for farmers. Our resident farmer was facing the inconvenient monetary issues that arise when excessive waste occurs when feeding cattle and other animals around the farm. Farmers from all parts of the world can relate to this issue. Through hours of hard work we designed the hydraulic tractor hay bale unroller to offer the ultimate solution to this costly issue.The unit’s hydraulics allow for a hay bale to be carried to the desired unrolling location with ease. In addition, the hydraulic tractor bale unroller’s two spears, with one on each hydraulically operated arm, allow for a secure hold on the bale for when transporting and during the unrolling process.

The unit’s heavy duty steel design allows for a weight capacity of up to 2000 lbs. with the user friendly hydraulic arms enabling the unit to unroll up to a 5’ wide hay bale. Farmers can now erase their inconvenient waste issue off of their “To Fix List” with the help of the Lucas Bale Unroller. For more information on locating a dealer, becoming a dealer, sizes, specifications, and attachment styles please see below.

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