Lucas Hay Spears: 3-Point Single Spear

The Lucas Hay Spears 3-Point Single Spear model is backed by the Lucas standard of quality for farm implements. This model is designed to provide hay producers, farmers, ranchers, and rural homeowners with the ability to safely and securely lift and transport round bales or square hay bales via the 3-point rear tractor attachment. The main single spear on this model is the Lucas standard 48″ solid American steel spear. In addition to two secondary spears that provide the unit with a no-spin stabilizer system during the transportation of hay bales.

Just like the other models of hay spears, this 3-Point Single Spear model’s main frame is made out of solid american steel that’s quality and durability is second to none. Competitors on the market who offer 3-Point hay spear attachments may lack the strength and safety of the Lucas model. Time is a valuable resource for farmers and ranchers. The ability to handle more hay bales in less time is of the upmost importance. Another project. Another Lucas solution.

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