Lucas Hay Spears: 3/5 Spear

The Lucas Hay Spears 35 Spear model is the most versatile bale spear attachment on the market. The 35 spear comes standard with three bale spears and versatile to attach up to five sleeves. This allows hay producers, farmers, ranchers, and rural homeowners the ability to move the three 36″ or 48″ pin-on spears to the five available sleeves with ease. Due to the spears being a pin-on attachment, this allows farmers to easily pop the pin on the spears while in the field and change positions. Enabling farmers the ability tochange the position of the spears in the field. Simply pop the pin and switch the spears to the optimal bale lifting position. Please note that additional bale spears can be purchased if desired to make this unit have a total of five (5) quantity hay spears.


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