Trust is Earned.

When Raymond Lucas designed the first Ground Hog Arena Tool back in 1996 he knew for The Ground Hog to be trusted by the rodeo industry. That he had to earn their trust by joining associations to earn credibility and by leasing The Ground Hog Arena Tool out to local and national rodeo events throughout North America.

As time went by and the Hog’s awareness grew in the industry. Through events at Mr. Lucas’ own personal arena¬†and local events throughout out the Mid-West. The Ground Hog Arena Tool started to garner national attention and respect which brought some of the biggest events and associations knocking on Mr. Lucas’ door for the rights to use The Ground Hog at their events. Now all sizes of events and associations trust the Hog all throughout North America. From the BBR World Finals in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Ground Hog Arena Tool is the one arena tool trusted by these events and association all throughout the continent. As the one tool, in one pass, to provide one consistent result, flawlessly conditioned ground.

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Below are a few of the associations and events that The Ground Hog Arena Tool is trusted by.