Horsepower Requirements

Your Hog. Your Power.

Each arena has different requirements when it comes to the most efficient size of arena tool. Not to mention that each tractor has different a horsepower capability. Therefore The Ground Hog Arena Tool is available in seven different models to meet the exact needs of all sizes of arenas and tractors.

View the Horsepower Requirements chart below. If you have any more questions about Horsepower Requirements or what size of Ground Hog Arena Tool would work best for both your arena and tractor. Give our Ground Hog Experts a call, 866-689-8904.

Please note that when you add a Ground Hog Watering System to your 7′, 8′, 9′, 10′, or 12′ Ground Hog Arena Tool that the Watering System will add 1,000 pounds to the total weight when the two 50 gallon tanks are filled to capacity (100 Gallons) with water.

Ground Hog Specifications