Ground Hogs – The Arena Tool of Choice

Ground Hog Arena Tool

The Ground Hog Arena Tool

Lucas Metal Works has diversified itself from the original custom metal works business it started out as in 1968, and has become a company with six separate divisions under the Lucas Metal Works company umbrella. The Lucas family has a long history in the horse industry. Raymond Lucas, owner and founder of Lucas Metal Works, designed an arena tool for his family who are avid barrel racers since 1996. This all in one arena working tool would become to be known as The Ground Hog Arena Tool. The Ground Hog Arena Tool became a nationwide success and the Arena Tool of choice for rodeo associations across the nation, including the granddaddy of them all, The National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Ground Hog Arena Tool, like most ventures at Lucas, has exceeded the company’s wildest expectations. Lucas decided an addition to The Ground Hog would assist the process of smoothing out the arenas, thus the Watering System that attaches to The Ground Hog was developed.

What once started out with a small family owned and operated company forty-five years ago has grown to five different divisions. There is an inside sales team to answer your calls and emails and an outside sales team that works with dealers throughout the mid-west to get the farm equipment out in front of the farmers and ranchers. Lucas Metal Works is a dedicated leader in innovative and creative manufacturing within the farm equipment industry. Lucas Metal Works became a member of the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association earlier in 2011. The company strives to satisfy each farm equipment customer. Lucas continues to expand their dealer and distributor network across the nation.