Happy New Year! Welcoming Our New Dealers and Contractors to 2015!!

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2014 was a wonderful year for Lucas Metal Works. We were especially pleased by the growth of our Equipment and Ground Hog divisions. We welcomed aboard several new farm equipment dealers and arena drag dealers.

New Arena Drag and Farm Equipment Dealers

Below is a list of the arena drag and farm equipment dealers that have joined with Lucas Metal Works to offer our products to their customers.

Timberline International, Inc. www.timberlinetrucks.net

Crown Power & Equipment Co. www.crown-power.com

Hirsh Feed & Farm Supply, Inc. www.hirschfeed.com

Top of the Line Steel Buildings www.topofthelinesteelbuildings.com

Southwest Ag. www.swaginc.com

Earhart Equipment Corporation www.earhartequipment.com

New Steel Building Contractors

We have also added a couple of new steel building contractors for our Steel Building division.

Western Steel and Branstetter Building Company

Become a Lucas Steel Building Contractor or Metal Roofing Contractor

We are currently accepting new contractors for our Steel Building and Metal Roofing divisions. Fill out the online form to request additional information.

Become a Ground Hog or Farm Equipment Dealer

We are also currently accepting new dealers for our Equipment and Ground Hog divisions. Fill out the online form to request additional information.

Thank you!

We want to give a special thank you to all the new dealers and contractors that work with us to bring the products and service that people have grown to trust for over 46 years.