How Metal Roofing Panels Can Help Homeowners Fight High Energy Costs

As the dog days of summer are upon the Midwest, homeowners are not only fighting the summer heat but the cost of living comfortably. While the consistent high temperatures makes predicting the weather easier for television anchors, it doesn’t make the life of house thermostats any easier. Homeowners across the Midwest are fighting the dilemma of trying to live comfortably while also living within their means.

While like any battle having a solid strategy and leveraging all of your tools towards the achievement of one goal is essential. Most homeowners are unaware just how important your roof is to keeping energy bills down during the summer, yearly home maintenance costs down, and helping keep a consistent temperature in their homes for their families. This is why Lucas Metal Works, Inc. developed their own brand of metal roofing panels, Lucas Metal Roofing, for homeowners of both rural and urban locations.

Unlike a conventional asphalt shingle roof which retains the heat from the sun, a metal roofing system reflects the sun’s direct rays and emits what heat is retained in the panels. Therefore offering a two punch defense against the sun and utility companies to keep your home cool and energy bills down. Just like the color of a t-shirt the lighter the color pigment of the metal roofing panel the more it reflects the sun’s rays and the more energy efficient the panel is. The most energy efficient colors of panels are Energy Star Qualified rated.

Therefore when a homeowner is looking to live comfortably and cut energy bill costs down.  Start first by examining the material of roof you have on your home and if it is not a metal roofing system rather metal panels or metal shingles you know where to start first. Most metal roofing panel systems can be installed over existing asphalt shingle roofing systems. After you check the material of roof you have on your home and decide to replace it with metal panels or metal shingles. You can then begin to leverage other tools within your home to lower costs. Such as Energy Star Qualified appliances and energy efficient light bulbs. In the fight against record breaking high temperatures and high energy costs start first with your roof.

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