Launch of New Website

As you might of already of noticed Lucas Metal Works’ website got a major facelift. Undergoing extensive remodeling for each brand the company manufactures at the company’s national headquarters near Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The company plans on developing new videos to show viewers how to operate the new site within their brand of steel buildings, metal roofing, tractor equipment attachments, arena tools, and custom metal work. These videos will be available on the new website, the company’s YouTube Channel, Facebook pages, and StumbledUpon.

As we have launched phase one of the three phase process to become more engaging through our computer, tablet, and mobile websites per brand. We know that there will be minor errors and hiccups along the way. We are and will be working around the clock to fix these issues when they occur. Our goal at the end of the day was to provide you, our customer, our reason for manufacturing innovative products, a website that was truly aligned with our mission of building products and relationships that are BUILT TO LAST.

Please take the time to let us know what you think of the new site. If you notice any problems or issues just shoot us an email or a blog comment. Along with if you have any suggestions.