Lucas in the Community

Lucas Metal Works is committed to the communities that we manufacturer and distribute our portfolio of brands in. We understand that being socially responsible is not just an overnight process. It is a long-term commitment that is strategic.

Each one of our brands have shared and aligned values. In addition to having values that are specific to the need that the product is satisfying for customers. We support and are good standing members of many local, regional, and national associations that have strict requirements for their members.

We also firmly understand that investing into the youth of today is important. The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. We understand that our employees and their families are a part of the community. That our customers and their families are a part of the community. We all are stakeholders in providing a better community for the present and the future. Since our humble beginning in 1968 we have provided funds, volunteered hours, and donated products to help provide the community with a means of supplying the youth of today with more opportunities to learn and prosper. From the lessons the youth of the community learns in the classroom to the extracurricular activities that builds sportsmanship and team work. Lucas Metal Works and its portfolio of brands are committed to the community we work in.


Lucas Metal Works and its portfolio of brands holds itself accountable to local, regional, and national associations in various industries. Below is a list of associations that Lucas Metal Works is proudly accredited as a standing member of.

Commitment to the Community:


Lucas Metal Works donated the material and labor to Caney Valley Public Schools. Located in Ramona, Oklahoma. For the purpose of providing the community with an invaluable resource to further enhance the education of both the youth of today and tomorrow. To view the official press release from Caney Valley Public Schools please click here.


Lucas Metal Works and its staff has donated both funds and volunteer hours to various extracurricular activities consistently throughout the years. To further enhance opportunities for the youth of the community. From providing awards for various 4-H and youth rodeo competitions. To sponsoring and coaching local sporting organizations ranging from soccer to baseball. Lucas is a committed and responsible stakeholder in the communities that the company, its employees, and customers live in.


Lucas Metal Works is committed to manufacturing processes and final products that are not harmful to the environment we live in. Lucas takes pride in producing a variety of environment friendly products. From the steel used in manufacturing the company’s brand of steel buildings, farm and commercial equipment, and arena tools. To the metal used to produce the company’s brand of metal panels and trim. Lucas is committed to producing green products. Reducing, reusing, and recycling every opportunity the company has.