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The Art of MetalLucas Custom Metal Work - Lucas Metal Works

Does your ranch or farm look and feel lifeless without its name affixed to the entrance?  Maybe you just started a hip and trendy restaurant and your thinking of incorporating custom metal artwork to decorate the inside.  What about a night club looking for a metal backslash to add accent to the businesses sign.  Or perhaps you’re a tree farm looking to create an organic sign durable enough to tackle the elements.  Maybe you’re just a fan of nature and looking for a nice piece of artwork to fill that blank spot on the wall.

 The possibilities really are limitless and can stretch as far as the creative mind will go.  Metal isn’t just a protector and reliable material capable of withstanding time and temperature, it is a material that can be turned into an eye appealing piece of art.  Whether you’re looking for a piece for private use or you are a business owner looking to add flare, Lucas Custom Metal Work provides the results you are looking for.  Even if you already have custom metal work but it is in need of repair, Lucas Metal Works can come to the rescue.

Steel Buildings and metal roofing are not the only areas of Lucas Metal Works expertise.  Custom metal works is also a service and labor of love that can be adorned to dress up property, set an elaborate entrance, inform and much, much more.  Whether it’s steel or aluminum, Lucas Metal Works can customize any fence, gate, trailer, tools and more.  If you can visualize a design or concept, it can be fabricated using the latest in technology and tools.  Lucas Metal Works has the experience since 1968.