Lucas Metal Works Launches New Review My Lucas Customer Survey

Lucas Metal Works Inc. is looking to continue to connect with their customers every chance the company gets. Whether it is the customer that is actually using the Lucas Metal Works brand product or it is an installer or dealer of the product. Getting customer feedback is essential to maintaining a successful business. With that being said, Lucas Metal Works knew that the company was not generating the feedback from their customers that they needed, so they took the next step.

The next step for gaining feedback for customers of all Lucas Metal Works brand products was to launch an interactive customer survey form online. With the continued advancements being made to make accessing the web faster and easier for customers. The company understood the importance of giving a place for customers to connect with the brands day or night, 24/7. Because every customer’s schedule is not the same.

From idea to reality. After putting pen to paper and hashing out what is the best way to gain customer feedback while also making the customer feel a part of the brand they purchased. The company launched what is now the first phase of the Review My Lucas customer survey. Which is conveniently located online at, This new interactive customer survey allows customers of all Lucas Metal Works products and service offerings to tell Lucas exactly how the complete process from quote request to order fulfillment was handled. Including products that require independent contractors to install, such as Lucas Buildings‘ steel buildings and Lucas Metal Roofing. Giving customers the chance to inform Lucas of any issues with the installation of their product. Therefore allowing Lucas the chance to visit with the installer and the customer to get the issue fixed as soon as possible.

Besides the customer feedback options which are both open and close ended questions for all Lucas products and service offerings. There are three upload options at the bottom of the survey which allow each customer to upload pictures of their Lucas Metal Works brand product. This is a great opportunity for customers to upload pictures of their Lucas products to showcase how their Lucas product is benefiting them. In addition if there were any issues with the installation or quality of the product this upload option allows the customer the opportunity to take pictures of the products with the issues. Therefore allowing Lucas Customer Service Representatives to know exactly what the issues are, so they can get them fixed right away.

The company looks forward to getting feedback from all types of customers, receiving images of customers who are satisfied with their Lucas Metal Works brand product, and hearing any complaints or issues that the company was not aware of. Allowing the company an opportunity to fix these issues. Building innovative products and customer relationships that are, built to last, since 1968! Your feedback matters.

To review your Lucas Metal Works brand product and to upload images of your product view the new Review My Lucas Customer Survey. Make sure to share this page with your friends, family, and coworkers via email and social media.

Review My Lucas Customer Survey