Lucas Now Offers NextStone Composite Rock Panels

Lucas Metal Works is proud to announce that the company will begin to offer the industry leading and energy efficient brand of composite rock panels, NextStone. NextStone panels are very versatile. Not only do these panels make a great wainscot or siding panel for the company’s steel building systems, Lucas Buildings, but these energy efficient composite rock panels  look great on homes, businesses, fences, mailboxes, and as an accent trim piece for your home or business.

NextStone composite rock panels are made of an uniquely formulated composite polyurethane with UV inhibitors and fire retardants. The panels are available in four different panel profiles and over sixteen designer colors. In addition NextStone panels have a remarkably realistic rock look that comes from an unique coating which is chemically bonded with the molded surface of the panel. Panels can be cut using common woodworking tools. The result is a lightweight, durable panel with a realistic rock finish.

These panels offer easy installation and are energy efficient and cost efficient, just like Lucas’ brand of steel buildings. NextStone composite rock panels offer the style and glamor of natural rock for your building project at lower costs than natural rock. Give the company’s Lucas Building Experts a call to discuss adding NextStone panels to your steel building, home, business, mailbox, or fence.

For more information on NextStone composite rock panels view the new brochure below: