Metal panels are durable and versatile. With various panel profiles and colors available. That offer both home owners, business owners, and sporting facilities with a sustainable, customizable (shape, size, and color), and cost efficient fencing solution.

While we don’t offer installation. We do offer recommendations for contractors based on your area. If you have a local contractor you prefer we will happily work with them to schedule the delivery and pick-up of the entire package including metal panel toolstrim, and accessories. Or if you prefer to do-it-yourself we will work to provide you with the total solution for your metal panel fencing project.

View below to see examples and available panel colors for your metal panel fencing project. Learn more about Why Use Metal? If you have any questions about color, type of panel, or would like a free quote please don’t hesitate to give our Lucas Metal Roofing Experts a call, 866-689-8904.

Examples of Metal Panel Fencing Applications:


Metal panels offer homeowners both rural and urban. A durable, cost efficient, and sustainable fencing option. Ultimate privacy from neighbors and by passers. Including keeping your animals inside the yard. Endless color options and panel profiles make metal panels a valuable customizable fencing solution for homeowners.


Metal panels make a great cost efficient privacy fence for commercial building owners looking to keep unwanted trespassers out. No matter if the owner’s current building is a steel building or another type of material you can be assured there is a color and type of panel to fit your exact privacy fence needs. While not compromising the aesthetics of your commercial location.

Sporting Facilities:

Metal panels make durable, cost efficient, and eye appealing option for sporting facilities needing a new fence. Great for fencing baseball fields of all sizes. Advertising signs and other promotional signs that are necessary for your sporting facility can be hung from a metal panel fence securely. View available colors below to see what colors of metal panels would correspond with your sporting facility’s fencing needs.

Available Colors For Metal Panel Fencing Projects

Available Metal Panel Profiles for Metal Panel Fencing Projects