Layers of Roofing

A Colorful OverviewLucas Metal Roofing

When it comes to roofing, most are just thankful to have a reliable structure over their equipment and/or their belongings, keeping them safe from the elements.  While hail, sleet, rain, and snow may be no match for a determined letter carrier, weather phenomena does not bode well for equipment and/or gear sitting outside in the open air.  But as American’s go green, more and more are protecting their equipment and/or their home with an energy efficient metal roof.  Affordability, efficiency, and longevity are just a few of the features giving metal roofing the attention it deserves.

These sleek and wondrous metal roofs, by Lucas Metal Works, are designed with quality to meet your expectations.  Metal roofing comes in all colors including your favorite color or your company’s colors.  Depending on the paneling, there is up to a 40-year finish warranty on metal roofing at factory-direct prices.  With Lucas Metal Roofing there are even certain colors that qualify as being Energy Star Qualified at an energy savings of up to 25%.   While the duration of a conventional roof sees 15-20 years, the duration of metal roofing can double and see 50+ years.

Whether you’re looking for a roof for your home, storage, workshop, or business, Lucas Metals Works has just the right fit.  With little to no maintenance, metal roofing is the long-term investment that is proving to be as effective as is admired.  Visit our color selection page,, and explore your options.  Nothing compares to a solid and structural roof with a long lifespan and metal runs the gamut on reliability and sturdiness.