UL Ratings

Lucas Metal Roofing is proud to offer two UL Ratings for their brand of metal roofing panels. This includes all sixteen colors both panel profiles (High Rib and Low Rib) in 26-gauge material that is manufactured in-house at the Lucas Metal Roofing headquarters.

The company not only ensures the quality of the metal roofing panels with stringent standards in-house, but now the panels are certified by the industry standard organization, UL. This helps solidify the quality of the company’s brand of metal roofing panels. In addition to ensure the quality for contractors, homeowners, and commercial building owners looking to receive possible insurance discounts from their insurance supplier.

All other material and colors not manufactured in-house at Lucas Metal Roofing will have UL Ratings based on their manufacturer if applicable.

UL Ratings for Lucas Metal Roofing Panels:

  • Fire Rating: UL 790
  • Impact Rating: Class 4 UL 2218

To view Lucas Metal Roofing’s case files to verify the company’s UL Ratings and to learn more about the UL organization view the UL’s online directory. Insert the company’s name, Lucas Metal Works, or the company’s UL case file number, R27450, to view the case file.