FAQ: Mini-Storage Buildings

Where do you ship mini-storage buildings to?

Thanks to our purchasing power. We have a large network of mini-storage manufacturers throughout the country that provide us with the ability to use their various distribution points. This enables mini-storage buildings to be shipped to most parts of the United States. Please check with a Lucas Building Expert to ensure that we can ship a mini-storage building to your location.

Do you provide labor?

Just like our custom steel buildings. We do not provide the labor for your mini-storage building. We have a strong network of contractors and erectors throughout the United States that we can recommend for the erection of your mini-storage building. If you have a local contractor or erector you would prefer to use we can most certainly work with them to ensure your project’s material is shipped to the correct location for them to install.

Can I install the project myself?

Unlike most of our steel buildings that need heavy-duty equipment to safely and properly erect. Most mini-storage buildings can easily be erected with a small crew.

What are the most common sizes?

The standard eave height for mini-storage buildings is 8′-6″. While other eave heights are available upon request.

What options do I have for design?

There are many variations for the unit size mix, the color of the doors and the color of the wall panels. It all depends on the target customer you are trying to attract. It would be wise to conduct a situational analysis of your market to analyze current mini-storage businesses (if applicable) to take note of the most common sizes of units. You can either base your Lucas Mini-Storage building design on the most common unit size of your competitor since that is what is working in the market or you can differentiate your offering by providing different unit sizes than your competitors. Our mini-storage building experts are here to provide you with industry insight.

Do you have any business advice for mini-storage business owners?

Contact our steel building experts and they will happily provide you with insight into the mini-storage building and self-storage building industry.