Mini-Storage Buildings Options & Specifications

Below are the features and options for Lucas Mini-Storage steel building systems. Contact a Lucas Mini-Storage Building Expert if you have any questions about design options or design loads.


  • 10’ through 200’ in 5’ increments.
  • Gable or Single Slope designs.


  • Built to your specific needs.

Eave Heights

  • 8’-6’ is standard
  • Other eave heights are available upon customer request.

Roof Slope

  • 1/2 : 12 minimum slope is standard
  • Both single slope buildings and gabled buildings are available.

Framed Openings

  • Gauge members with 26 gauge cover trim.

Metal Panels – Roof

  • 26 gauge R-Panel
  • Colored or Galvalume®
  • 24 gauge standing seam
  • Colored or Galvalume®

Metal Panels-Wall

  • 26 Gauge R-Panel in standard colors.

Interior Partitions:

  • 29 gauge Galvalume® R-Panel.


  • 26 gauge R-Panel.


  • Lucas steel mini-storage buildings come standard with 26 gauge rake trim, gutter and downspouts.

Design Loads

  • This is done per local building codes. Up to 100 lb ground snow, up to 150 mph wind load. Just provide our Lucas Mini-Storage Building Experts with your zip code and we can design your mini-storage building system to code.