Self Storage Resources

Lucas Buildings – a division of Lucas Metal Works located near Tulsa, OK – offers custom steel buildings and steel building solutions including self storage buildings. Our self storage buildings and mini storage unit mixes are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes and unit mixes to meet any storage needs. Check out the resource links below for our Self Storage door, metal panel and trim color charts.

Mini-Storage Resources
Mini-Storage Resources
Mini-Storage Door Color ChartMini-Storage Metal Panel And Trim Color Chart

Self Storage Options and Specification Resources

Self storage units and systems are available in widths between 10 feet and 200 feet in 5 foot increments and are available in any length, built specifically to your needs. 8 foot – 6 foot is the standard eave height, though other heights are available per your request. 1/2 : 12 minimum slope is standard. Both single slope buildings and gabled buildings are available. Design loads are done per local building codes. Up to 100 lb ground snow, up to 150 mph wind load. Just provide our Lucas Mini-Storage Building Experts with your zip code and we can design your mini-storage building system to code.

Self Storage Floor Plans and Custom Designs | Self Storage Unit Mixes

Lucas Mini-Storage steel buildings can be custom designed to meet the unit mix design that will bring the most return on your mini-storage investment. Choose one of seven self storage floor plans pre-designed or we can create a design to meet your specific needs. Check out our pre-designed self storage floor plans below or contact a Lucas Mini Storage Expert today for more details or a custom build.

Ready for a Self Storage Quote?

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Where can I get a Lucas Self Storage Building?

Thanks to our purchasing power. We have a large network of mini-storage manufacturers throughout the country that provide us with the ability to use their various distribution points. This enables mini-storage buildings to be shipped to most parts of the United States. Please check with a Lucas Building Expert to ensure that we can ship a mini-storage building to your location.

Need Help Installing Lucas Self Storage Buildings?

While we don’t provide the labor for your mini-storage buildings, we do have a strong network of contractors and erectors throughout the United States that we can recommend to erect your mini-storage buildings. Or, if you have a local contractor or erector that you would prefer to use, we can certainly work with them to ensure your project’s material is shipped to the correct location.

More Questions?

Check out our Self Storage Frequently Asked Questions here: Self Storage FAQ or contact a Lucas Self Storage Expert.