New Farm Equipment Implements | Box Blade & Hay Trailer

47 Years and Still Growing

Box Blade | Farm Equipment Implements | located near Tulsa, OK

The Box Blade | Lucas Equipment Built To Last Farm Equipment Implements

Lucas Metal Works began in a small hobby shop just behind Raymond Lucas’s home. Now, 47 years later, we have a farm equipment implements line with 15 implements and growing. The newest additions to our farm equipment line, Lucas Equipment, are the Box Blade and the Hay Trailer.

The Box Blade | Built To Last Farm Equipment Implements

Make Keeping Up Your Driveway and Yard Easier

The Box Blade is just the right size to use for your landscape and driveway projects. No hydraulics to connect. It provides you with easy set up and removal. Use it to spread materials evenly. Put those shovels and rakes down and save time keeping up the driveway or yards.

Lucas Hay Trailer

Hay Trailer | Hard-Working Farm Equipment Implement

Hay Trailers | Hard-Working Farm Equipment Implements

Let our Hay Trailer Do the Hard Work for You

The Hay Trailer is an excellent implement for all farmers and ranchers to get those hay bales picked up out of the field. Haul up to Nine bales of hay on a Lucas Metal Works Hay Trailer. Load and unload those bales with ease. One lever and the bales are released with our Heavy Duty proven latch system. Two 7,000 pound axles with brakes give added support to the already Heavy Duty 8” square tube frame. The Built To Last Heavy Duty rear bumper withstands the bumps from the tractors when loading the hay trailer.

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Hard work deserves a hard working farm equipment implement. Click on the link below to find an farm equipment dealer near you. Lucas Metal Works is located near Tulsa, OK but through our extensive network of dealers we provide hard-working farm equipment implements throughout the US and Canada.

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