Self-Storage – A Growing Industry

Self-Storage/Mini-Storage Photo | Lucas Metal Works

Self-Storage/Mini-Storage Photo

The era of the baby-boomers has provided Self-Storage with a boost in the industry.

The increase in spending money on “stuff” has given cause to store all the used “stuff”, so more “stuff” can be bought. People want the biggest & the best. As the baby-boomers move into retirement, the following generations have learned well how to spend and collect their own “stuff”.

Self-Storage has become a growing industry to accommodate the need to store the used “stuff” so new “stuff” can be bought. The growing trend for Self-Storage has created a niche for many different types of Self-Storage. Steel buildings are considered the most economical and practical use for Self-Storage.

There are numerous types, shapes and sizes of Self-Storage available.

Multi-story storage has multiple levels within the building. Normally an elevator is installed to provide customer’s access to the upper level units. This type of storage usually provides climate controlled units.

Single-story storage is the most common Self-Storage type. This style can be designed in many variations. The most common style includes sizes from 5X10 through 10X30.

RV/Boat Storage can be designed in a few different ways. The styles range from no coverage, to covered canopy with walls.

Many amenities are often offered within the storage facility. RV/Boat Storage can offer a washing station and waste station. Lighting is often placed in units larger than 5X10 as well as strategically throughout the facility. Electrical outlets and water hose connections are often placed at the ends of each building for renters to utilize.

We can get you started in the Self-Storage industry. Lucas Metal Works‘ sales specialists will walk you through all the options available. The size, style, and design can vary depending on location and purpose of the units. Our experienced sales staff will discuss each aspect of the process. Lucas Metal Works, a trusted name for over 45 years standing behind you each step of the way.