Commercial Steel Buildings

Lucas Buildings – located near Tulsa, OK – offers quality, custom commercial steel buildings to suit a variety of needs. We know that return on investment and aesthetics are the primary concerns when talking about commercial building projects. That’s why we offer endless design options and carry only the best steel building products and accessories.

Return on investment is of the utmost importance when considering commercial building projects. Steel buildings, such as those provided by Lucas Buildings, offer a quick return on investment for commercial metal building projects. This is due to the speed of construction.

The next big issue when dealing with commercial building projects, is aesthetics. Our custom steel framed buildings offer endless design options. Choose from a variety of frames to maximize the utility of your building. Then choose the exterior finish of the building – with options ranging from brick, stucco, NextStone, metal panels and wainscoting.

Supplied by the industry’s best, Lucas Buildings carries and manufactures only the most energy efficient and durable products. Our commercial steel building products and accessories range from walk-in doors and roll up doors to insulation and windows. Meanwhile our frame, trim, roofing and wall panels are manufactured in-house to ensure quality and to pass savings directly on to you. Below are some of the most common buildings we design to suit the needs of commercial steel building projects.

Common Commercial Steel Buildings Designed by Lucas Buildings

Strip Malls:

Steel buildings have become the building of choice for strip mall retail locations. Maximizing retail space and having a unique aesthetic appearance are of the utmost importance. Not to mention the speed of construction of commercial steel buildings which allows investors to gain a return on investment faster than other building materials.

Car Dealerships:

Small or large, car dealerships need adequate building space to house their offices, show rooms and repair centers. More than just having a functional building though, you’ll want a building exterior that reflects your company. With endless exterior finishing options, a steel commercial building from Lucas Buildings can suit your aesthetic needs. Your commercial building will give you options for housing your sales staff to displaying your high-end car brands. Lucas Buildings is the experienced commercial steel building manufacturer for these projects.

Auto Repair Shops:

Mechanics need a building that maximizes their space. Their shop must house both their clients’ cars and their tools, not to mention the inventory of tires, fluids, and other items that a car might need. A custom commercial steel building can provide mechanics with adequate space for both repairs and inventory of various products. Lucas Buildings offer endless design options for size, shape, number of roll up doors, and the color of the building. Rest assured that your auto repair shop from Lucas Buildings will suit your company’s needs.


Creating an engaging workplace for your employees is important. Employees perform better when they have adequate space. You may need conference rooms to have staff meetings and upstairs and downstairs offices to provide for all the different functions of your business. With a custom commercial steel building there are endless options to design the most efficient office for your business. Let Lucas Buildings help you design a custom steel framed office building.



Commercial Steel Buildings in Tulsa, OK | Restaurants | Medical OfficesGreat food deserves a great atmosphere. No matter the cuisine you’re serving, the atmosphere matters. Design a custom steel framed building to maximize kitchen and dining space. Endless design options range from exterior finishes to the shape and size of the building which allows complete customization of your restaurant.

Casino Gaming Centers:

A recent trend within the Mid-West has been the opening of gaming centers in rural and urban communities. These gaming centers range in size but they all need one thing: maximized gaming floor space. Clear-span framing options from Lucas Buildings forgo the use of interior columns to maximize floor space as needed. Don’t limit your patrons’ gaming experience because you don’t have enough space for their favorite gaming machines. Satisfy the customer and maximize profits with a clear-span steel framed building from Lucas Buildings.

Farm Equipment Dealerships:

Lucas Metal Works manufactures a brand of quality farm implements. That means we know how important it is to have office space, showrooms and repair centers for farm equipment dealers to be successful. Making a customer feel comfortable when they are purchasing new farm equipment or having their tractor serviced is important. Achieve the total solution for your customers by housing all operations of your farm equipment dealership in a custom commercial steel building. Exterior options are available to provide an aesthetic appearance to match your brand of products.

Metal Roofing: 

As a supplier of steel building systems we know of the importance of providing an exterior panel that is both durable and energy efficient. The same can be said for roofing commercial steel buildings. That is why we invested into industry leading equipment to provide low-rib and high-rib metal panels for both homeowners and business owners. With annual energy savings up to 25%, reduced maintenance costs and a 40-Year finish warranty businesses can lower their overhead with reduced energy costs. So save the planet, save money, and roof metal.