Industrial Steel Buildings | Tulsa, OK | Lucas Buildings

As a manufacturing company, we know the importance of having a suitable building for industrial purposes. The space necessary for equipment and for employees to work is important. A serviceable facility provides the ability for a company to maximize their manufacturing capabilities and in return their revenue. Industrial steel building systems from Lucas is the solution.

Steel buildings offer worry-free occupancy for business owners who already have enough on their plate. Custom steel clear-span designs offer interior column free facilities to maximize manufacturing capabilities. Steel building’s quick construction allows for a manufacturing business to update existing facilities or expand to a new facility faster than other building materials.

Supplied by the industry’s best. We carry only the most energy efficient and durable products, including walk-in doors, insulation, and windows. We manufacture the building’s frame, trim, roofing and wall panels in house to ensure quality and to pass the savings directly on to you. Below are some of the most common buildings we design to suit the needs of the industrial industry.

Manufacturing Plants:

No matter the size of company or type of product you manufacturer, you need a reliable building to produce your product. Longevity, energy efficiency, and the building’s capacity for necessary equipment and workers are important. Our interior column free framing designs and endless interior and exterior options provide for all shapes and sizes you may need. Let Lucas Steel Buildings, the experienced manufacturer, help design your effective and cost efficient manufacturing plant.

Aircraft Hangars:

Lucas knows the importance of storage for aircraft. Lucas Building Experts will assist you designing your hanger. Lucas offers clear-span framing options which allow for various length and height options to house all sizes of aircraft. Endless design options are available for the size and type of door for the hangar. Lucas has the complete solution for your aircraft storage needs.

Metal Shops:

Lucas Metal Works was founded as a custom metal works shop back in 1968. We understand the need for large and small metal shops. A custom Lucas Steel Building provides the necessary space and security for protection of equipment. Such as a metal shop’s plasma cutting machine. This investment must be protected and in a facility where employees can use the machine without being limited on space. The need for serviceable space is of upmost importance to provide employees a safe work place in addition to encourage innovation around the shop.

Warehouse/Distribution Centers:

Length, width, and height. All of these are variables in your building’s design. Our custom steel buildings experts work with you to provide designs for your buildings. A distribution center or warehouse can house a vast amount of products. Businesses need to maximize the amount of products they can efficiently store and ship out of this strategically placed location. Lucas Steel Buildings offer various interior column free designs to utilize all space within the building. In addition to endless design options for loading dock doors for shipping and receiving products. Maximize the amount of products your warehouse can store and ship most effectively in a custom Lucas Steel Building.

Metal Roofing:

As a supplier of steel building systems we know of the importance of providing an exterior panel that is both durable and energy efficient. The same can be said for roofing for your home. That is why we invested into industry leading equipment to provide both low-rib and high-rib metal panels for homeowners. With annual energy savings of up to 25%, reduced maintenance costs, and a 40-Year finish warranty. Homeowners can rest assured that their metal roof will be an investment that will bring them a return for years to come. So save the planet, save money, and roof metal