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Work hard. Play harder. In a custom steel building. Recreation is the happy medium we seek between work and other requirements. You need a building that can provide you with the maximum space for all your recreational activities. Endless framing and exterior/interior design options and quick construction make steel buildings the most attractive building type for recreational purposes. From multi-purpose expo centers to indoor sporting facilities. Work hard. Play harder. In a custom steel building.

Supplied by the industry’s best. We carry only the most energy efficient and durable products. Ranging from walk-in doors, insulation, garage doors, and windows. While we manufacture the building’s frame, trim, roofing and wall panels in house to ensure quality and to pass the savings directly on to you. Below are some of the most common buildings we design to suit the needs of recreational building projects.


Basketball, gymnastics, and other indoor sports. All require maximum space for both participants and spectators. Interior column free steel framing designs offer the solution for these recreational building projects. We are here to work with you. We will work with you to design the building your business desires to accomplish. Steel buildings are the completely customizable sustainable solution.

Indoor Soccer Facility:

As the fastest growing team sport in America. Soccer is looking for opportunities to maximize playing opportunities for both the youth and dedicated adults year round. Steel building provides soccer players both young and old with a solution. Maximum space with high ceilings to allow for the game to be played without limitations. Our buildings are available with red iron clear span steel framing designs.

High School/College Indoor Athletic Training Facility:

Safety is of the upmost importance when building an indoor training facility for your high school or college athletes. When the weather outside is not cooperating,  you need a place for your athletes to continue their training safely. Custom steel framed buildings provide endless size, shape, and interior options to maximize the training of your athletes. We will work with you to complete the building that fits your needs. Give your athletes a competitive advantage by having them train indoors in a steel building.

Expo Centers:

Communities rely on having a reliable expo center to host numerous events. From rodeos to concerts to city recreational work out centers. Expo centers are a major focal point in a community. Size, shape, and interior/exterior options allow communities to design their expo center to be as versatile as possible. We will work with your budgets when designing a community building to provide an affordable and versatile expo center.

Riding/Rodeo Arenas:

As the manufacturer of the only arena tool with an attitude, The Ground Hog Arena Tool. We know a a thing or two about riding arenas and the rodeo industry. Our start in the steel building industry was with a riding arena constructed on the grounds of our founding father’s land. That was nearly twenty years ago and the arena still houses rodeo events to this day. Size, horse stalls, shape, skylights, walk-in doors, restrooms, and insulation are your choice when designing a custom steel Lucas Building.

Locker Rooms:

Does your outdoor or indoor sporting facility need changing rooms for your athletes? We will work with you to add-on to an existing facility or a completely new construction. Steel buildings provide a cost efficient and long term sustainable solution for this need. From the exterior aesthetics to interior requirements. Lucas can design a steel building to fit your sporting organization’s needs with a budget in mind.

Concession Stands:

No matter the outdoor venue. People get thirsty and hungry. This provides your organization another way to generate revenue and benefit the participants. Lucas Building Experts will assist you with size and aesthetics that’s completely customizable. Steel buildings provide the sustainable solution for your organization’s concession stand need.


Shelter from the sun and unexpected weather at city parks, sporting facilities, and swimming pools are important. Lucas Building Experts will assist you customize your Pavilion with endless design options from shape, size, and color of the 40-Year finish warranty of the metal roofing panels. Communities can rely on steel framed pavilions from Lucas to be long lasting and provide adequate shelter from mother nature at city funded outdoor facilities.

Aircraft Hangars:

Lucas knows the importance of storage for aircraft. Lucas Building Experts will assist you designing your hanger. Lucas offers clear-span framing options which allow for various length and height options to house all sizes of aircraft. Endless design options are available for the size and type of door for the hangar. Lucas has the complete solution for your aircraft storage needs.

Metal Roofing: 

As a supplier of steel building systems we know of the importance of providing an exterior panel that is both durable and energy efficient. The same can be said for roofing recreational buildings. That is why we invested into industry leading equipment to provide both low-rib and high-rib metal panels for both homeowners and business owners. The benefit of these panels is annual energy savings up to 25%, reduced maintenance costs, and a 40-Year finish warranty. A metal roof is the sustainable solution for your recreational building. So save the planet, save money, and roof metal.