Exterior Facades

Endless design options. When designing a steel building you have endless design options not limited to size, shape, doors, and windows. However it is the exterior design of your steel building that molds the first lasting impression of your building.

From the most cost efficient designs for basic storage buildings. To the most elaborate building to house your classic cars or your business. There are options. From wainscoting with panels or brick, to using new innovative finishing methods such as NextStone . Our Lucas Building Experts will provide you with an easy-to-follow design process to ensure that your steel building project has the exterior finish you desire.

We only recommend the most durable, maintenance free, and innovative exterior finishing options for your steel building project. Below are some of the most common exterior finishes we recommend to suit the needs of both commercial and individual steel building projects.

Steel Building Exterior Finishes:

Metal Panels/Metal Trim:

Depending on the desired aesthetics for the exterior of your steel building. Metal panels offer the most energy efficient and cost efficient needs for your steel building exterior.  In combination with metal panels, metal trim offers you the design option of color matching with your exterior panels or using an alternate color to create a desired color scheme for your steel building. We manufacture the building’s trim, roofing and wall panels in house to ensure quality and to pass the savings directly on to you.


Wainscoting enables you to add more definition and style to your steel building project. Allowing you to use a combination of lighter wall panels with a darker metal panel for wainscoting, or vice versa. Wainscoting is not limited to just the combination of metal panels and trim color schemes. You can use the combination of other materials. Including but not limited to brick, NextStone (TM), and other types of natural rock. Depending on the style you seek for your steel building project. Ask our Lucas Building Experts for their recommendations and examples of different styles of wainscoting.

NextStone :

NextStone faux rock and stone panels are the cost efficient and energy efficient alternatives to natural stone and brick. These low maintenance and easy to install panels. Come in a variety of styles and colors. Including a 20-Year manufacturer’s limited warranty. Rather for wainscoting or for full siding your entire steel building, NextStone is the cost efficient and stylish choice for adding definition to your steel building project.


Extremely popular for commercial steel building projects. Stucco offers the building owner the ability to enhance the curb appeal and integrity of the structure. With multiple colors and styles of stucco applications available. This provides commercial steel building owners endless design options to meet their desired aesthetics to attract their targeted customer. Creating a steel building to meet your entire set of needs is the main objective of our Lucas Building Experts when providing you with an easy-to-follow design process.

Brick/Natural Stone & Rock:

Depending on the end use of the steel building and location. Natural rock, stone, and brick might be a requirement of the commercial location or residential location of where your steel building will be constructed. Besides meeting housing or commercial building obligations. Natural rock, stone, and brick provide steel buildings with an old fashion style that will have people asking who built this building. In addition to asking is this a steel building? Natural rock, stone, and brick are great options for wainscoting or for siding the entire building. Not to mention the metal trim options you have when designing a scheme for your exterior appearance. Endless exterior finishing options allow you as the building’s designer to work hand in hand with our Lucas Building Experts to get the exact exterior look you desire.