NextStone Rock Panels

No Mason. No Mortar. No Mess.

Versatile. That is the one word that describes the industry leading composite rock panels, NextStone. Lucas Buildings is proud to recommend and to distribute NextStone composite rock panels for wainscoting or siding panels for the company’s steel building packages. In addition to wainscoting or siding panels for both indoor or outdoor use for homes, businesses, mailboxes, fences, and trim systems. Thanks to the company’s purchasing power you can now purchase NextStone composite rock panels in multiple colors and panel profiles at great prices. To view examples of NextStone and to learn more about the product see below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are NextStone panels made of?

NextStone composite rock panels are made of an uniquely formulated composite polyurethane with UV inhibitors and fire retardants. The panels are available in four different panel profiles and over sixteen designer colors. In addition NextStone panels have a remarkably realistic rock look that comes from an unique coating which is chemically bonded with the molded surface of the panel. Panels can be cut using common woodworking tools. The result is a lightweight, durable panel with a realistic rock finish.

What can NextStone panels be installed on?

The most commonly asked question is, what can NextStone panels be installed on? NextStone composite rock panels are very versatile. For steel building systems the panels and trim can be installed for both new construction or retrofit without any extra material necessary besides an existing metal panel on the exterior of the structure. For residential homeowners and business owners NextStone panels and trim can be installed over existing exterior paneling/siding, interior sheetrock, or straight to the studs of the building. For mobile home owners the same rules apply as for residential homeowners and business owners. Add in mailboxes and fences as other types of structures that NextStone composite rock panels and trim can be installed on safely and securely. For instructions and videos on how to install NextStone composite rock panels view the links below.

NextStone Installation and Product Information Videos:

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NextStone Composite Rock Panel Literature:

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