Steel Building Panel Profiles

Lucas Metal Works – through its Metal Roofing and Steel Buildings divisions – offers two of the most popular metal building metal panel profiles. Sturdi-Rib metal panels are now available in both 26 gauge and 29 gauge. SuperSpanX metal roofing, metal panels and metal siding panels are available in 26 gauge.

Each metal panel profile comes with its own standard metal trim designs. For example, Sturd-Rib metal panels come standard with Sturdi-Rib metal trim. While SuperSpanX metal trim will not match correctly with Sturdi-Rib metal panels for remodeling projects.

Lucas has other panel profiles available for your metal building and metal roofing projects. Lucas offers fastener concealed Standing Seam metal roofing panels. Lucas also matches metal panel profiles and metal panel colors for storm damage repair or remodeling projects. For more information on metal roofing panels or steel siding panels contact Lucas Buildings.

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