Structural Components

Lucas steel building structural components
Needing a steel frame provider? Lucas Buildings is able to provide red iron structural steel, innovative steel framing, and frame components at a level of quality and price that is more than just competitive. It is unmatched. Custom or innovative frames, components, parts and accessories are available or fabricated to order with a quick turnaround.

We offer clear-span interior column free framing designs to modular and multi-span frames. Lucas Buildings provides innovative steel frames specific for each project’s requirements. Below are some of the most common frame designs we trust.

Structural Steel:

Cee Profile

Zee Profile

Channel Profile

Eave Strut

Base/Rake Angle

Structural Steel Framing Systems:

 Clear-Span Frames:


Clear-span frames offer tremendous strength and requires no interior supports. This frame design is frequently used for factories, warehouses, arenas, and storage buildings. Clear-span frames are cost-effect for steel buildings up to 150 feet wide.


Clear-span tapered frames offer the same superior strength and clear space without interior supports. Best suited for low sloped roofs.


Clear-span single slope frames have different eave heights so that the roof of the building “slopes” up from the back. Single slope frames are ideal for strip centers, mini-storage, and office center innovative steel buildings.

 Modular and Multi-Span Frames:


Modular frames make use of interior columns. Modular frames can use lighter spans because of the interior support. In addition to not having the maximum width restrictions as clear-span framed steel buildings. 


Modular single-slope frames are ideal for larger spaces such as strip malls or other commercial applications.


Multi-span tapered beam frames are well-suited for large buildings with low-sloped roof designs. Ideal for large manufacturing plants and distribution centers. Where interior columns will not impair function of the building. Cost efficient means of providing maximum width for steel building projects.

Lean To Frames:


Innovative Lean To steel building frames. Provides the most economical means of expansion for existing structures. Lean To frames are great for adding on to existing structures for offices or additional storage space for both businesses and individuals. When designing your next steel building project or retrofitting your current structure. Ask our Lucas Building Experts about their recommendations for Lean To additions to your building.