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When designing a sustainable and appealing structure. Building with steel offers the Design with Steel | Steel Buildings Design & Architecture | Oklahoma | Lucas Metal Workscomplete solution. With innovative steel framing options that allow for all sizes and shapes of buildings to be designed. That meet stringent local code requirements. To the endless exterior and interior design options that enable the architect or designer to satisfy the customer’s complete aesthetic needs from exterior facades to various interior aspects.

In addition to the Green Building principles building with steel is founded on. From the recyclable steel frames to the 25% average annual energy cost savings a building owner can expect to garner from a metal roof. To the fact that metal roofing panels are composed of 20-90% recyclable material in comparison to a conventional roofing system that is composed of raw materials. Building with steel offers many Green Building materials and cost efficient designing options that other building materials lack.

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Why Build with Steel?

Endless Design Options:

From the exterior facade to the interior design. Building with steel offers innovative steel framing options that enable the designer to maximize the utility of the building. Based on the use of innovative clear-span framing without interior columns. To the various exterior facades from wainscoting with metal panels to more conventional building materials such as natural rock, stone, and brick. The options are endless.

Green Building Materials:

From the metal panels that come in a variety of Energy Star Qualified colors to add to the LEED points of your building. To the 100% recyclable steel frames. Building with steel is full of energy efficient and sustainable building materials.

Cost Efficiency:

Building with steel offers designers endless design options while using green building materials. While also being cost efficient. With all variables that are up to the architect, designer, and their customer. Building with steel is the most cost efficient way of designing the exact building you need to satisfy all of your residential or commercial needs while not raiding your bank accounts.


When building with steel and metal products longevity is the industry standard. The metal panels that come with 40-Year finish warranties with 50 plus years expected lifespans. To the innovative steel frames that are secured by industry leading nut and bolt systems. That keep the frame intact through years of wear and tear from the extremes of Mother Nature. Steel buildings and their metal components come with endless design options that are built to last for the long haul.

Speed of Construction:

Steel buildings can be erected quickly and safely. Depending on the size of the building, the shape, and design options. Construction time can vary. However in comparison to other building materials steel buildings are the quickest and most sustainable solution for residential and commercial projects.