Having manufactured the industry leading arena tool since 1996 we understand that your horse and rider deserve to have adequate space to house their equestrian activities. Not to mention the stalls to keep your horse in. Innovative steel buildings with no interior columns offer equestrian enthusiasts the ultimate solution for horse riding arenas and horse stall buildings.

Our start in the steel building industry was with a riding arena constructed on the grounds of our founding father’s land. That was nearly 20 years ago and that arena still houses rodeo events to this day.  Size, horse stalls, shape, skylights, walk-in doors, restrooms, and insulation are your choice when designing a Lucas riding arena with our steel building experts.

Supplied by the industry’s best. We carry only the most energy efficient and durable products. Ranging from walk-in doors, insulation, garage doors, and windows. While we manufacture the building’s trim, roofing and wall panels in house to ensure quality and to pass the savings directly on to you. Below are some of the most common buildings we design to suit the needs of horse owners, rodeo associations, and event centers.

Indoor Riding Arenas:

The company’s first steel building project was a horse arena that was erected on company grounds. That arena like the thousands after it was designed and manufactured to meet the exact needs of the equestrian events Mr. Lucas planned on hosting at the arena. That was nearly twenty years ago and that steel building arena still hosts equestrian events year-round.

Covered Outdoor Riding Arenas:

Cost efficiency and customization is the two most important factors when look to design and construct a steel covering for an outdoor riding arena. With endless design options from size, shape, and color. Outdoor coverings from Lucas offer innovative steel framing and sustainable metal panels that allow for you as the owner to worry less about the structure and more about the great things happening underneath the structure. When hosting events outdoors as a rodeo or equestrian event producer weather is the biggest variable. Take that variable out of play and call Lucas about an outdoor riding arena cover today.

Horse Stalls/Horse Barns:

Having adequate space to house your horses is of the upmost importance. The care of the horse helps mold the horse’s performance from barrel racing to dressage. No one knows this better than the Lucas Building Experts who have a long history working and participating in the equestrian industry. With innovative steel buildings from Lucas you have endless design options from no interior columns to the size, shape, and color. Design your next horse barn with the equestrian enthusiasts, Lucas Buildings.


When hosting equestrian events outside not only are the horses and participants safer important but the comfortability of the fans are also an important factor. With the fans of all ages attending outdoor equestrian events during the peak of the summer heat. It is of the most importance to keep fans out of the sun as much as possible. With an innovative steel framed grandstand covering from Lucas. You can be assured that your fans will watch their participant in comfort protected from the Sun’s rays and unexpected and unwelcome drops of rain.

Concession Stands:

Equestrian events indoor or outdoor deserve to have an adequate concession stand for participants and spectators. With innovative steel buildings from Lucas endless design options allow for equestrian arena owners to retrofit a concession stand in an indoor arena or to erect a new concession stand building outdoors. Generate some revenue from concession stands while keeping your participants and spectators satisfied in a Lucas Building concession stand.


When you got to go at an outdoor event what is your first thought? Do they have restrooms? And if so are they portable restrooms? Instead of renting portable restrooms for every outdoor equestrian event make your participants and spectators more than thrilled to have a permanent structure as a restroom. With innovative steel frame designs and 40-Year finish warranty metal panels from Lucas you can be assured that the next time your participants or spectators got to go at your event. That they won’t have to worry where they are going to go and if it’s going to be a portable and unfriendly structure to use.

Metal Roofing:

As a supplier of steel building systems we know of the importance of providing an exterior panel that is both durable and energy efficient. The same can be said for roofing. That is why we invested into industry leading equipment to provide both low-rib and high-rib metal panels for both homeowners and business owners. With an expected lifespan of 50 plus years, annual energy savings, reduced maintenance costs, and a 40-Year finish warranty. Equestrian arena and stall owners can now reduce their energy costs by reroofing existing buildings with metal. Not to mention that a metal roof is made out of 30-60% recycled material in comparison to an asphalt shingle roof that requires raw materials to  be used in production. So save the planet, save money, and roof metal.