The Real Story Behind Metal Building Insulation

To insulate or not to insulate? That is the issue metal building owners faceMetal Building Insulation, Steel Building Insulation, when looking to retrofit or when starting to design new construction on a new building project. If you are to insulate your building, what type of insulation do you use? Spray insulation or Johns Manville Microlite insulation or what about ArmorFlect? There are a lot of choices when it comes to insulation and each metal building manufacturer and distributor recommend different types but do they really know why? Below is the story behind Lucas’ choice for metal building insulation for new and retro fit projects.

First and foremost the recommended type of metal building insulation depends on the climate where the metal building will be located and the end use of the building. Once our Lucas Building Experts receive this information we can then recommend the best type of insulation for your building or recommend no insulation at all.

The most popular type of insulation we recommend for residential, agricultural, or commercial building projects is NAIMA 202-96 certified metal building insulation. This brand of insulation, Microlite, from Johns Manville is Formaldehyde-free thermal and acoustical fiber glass insulation, specifically designed for lamination to a wide choice of custom vapor-retarding facings. What do these two things mean? Number one, this means that Lucas Buildings does not cut corners in our insulation product for our steel building projects and for metal building insulation retrofits. Number two, this standard for flexible fiber glass insulation is to assure the R-value is maintained after lamination and to assure that these insulations are distinguished from insulations produced by others. Think cost efficiency and energy efficiency that is all backed by the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association.

Now, if your metal building or steel building project is located in a climate where the average temperature is above 60 degrees Fahrenheit year round, then there is a special type of insulation for your building to ensure that you are not wasting money on trying to keep up with the lost air through the insulation barrier. This insulation is called, ArmorFlect. ArmorFlect reflects 97% of radiant energy from the sun, which will provide tremendous savings in your energy consumption.  Again, depending on your building’s location and the range of average temperatures during the year, ArmorFlect could be a cost efficient and energy efficient solution.

The last type of insulation that Lucas Building Experts recommend is for commercial, recreation, and religious building projects that is one of most energy efficient and eye appealing type of insulation, the Simple Saver Insulation System. The Simple Saver System liner is installed below the purlins to utilize the entire cavity in the placement of high R-value insulation. The vapor barrier fabric and strapping system used in the Simple Saver System is reinforced to qualify as an OSHA Compliant means of “through” fall protection. When looking to build a large commercial, sports indoor arena, or religious gathering building, ask about the Simple Saver Insulation Systems that are available with higher R-Value ratings to improve the energy efficiency of your structure.

Now if you request to use spray insulation, our Lucas Building Experts can lend you their educated opinions on what is the best type of spray they have seen on the market. While for rolled insulation we offer three main choices with different R-Value ratings all depending on your building’s location. So, unlike other metal building manufacturers and distributors who cut corners on the quality of their insulation to make more profit and just recommend the type of insulation which they have better profit margins on, Lucas Buildings offers NAIMA certified insulation and other highly credible insulation systems depending on your building’s end use and location. That’s our story for why we recommend certain insulation. Another example of how Lucas Buildings doesn’t cut corners within their in-house manufactured steel building division.

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