The Ground Hog Arena Tool brand has grown throughout North America since the first Hog unit hit the dirt in 1996. From arena owners to event producers, the rodeo industry has become loyal to the Ground Hog brand.

Below are testimonials from Ground Hog owners and people in the rodeo industry who have become use the Ground Hog and depend on its consistent performance. Additional references are available upon request.

Ric Noring
Arena Owner (Cactus Creek Ranch)
Fountain, Colorado
Proud Owner of a Ground Hog Arena Tool Since 2005

“(The Ground Hog Arena Tool) Does a thorough job of digging deep and turning the ground and making it as safe as possible”.

Casey Varpness
Event Producer (SC Productions LLC)
Rochester, Minnesota
Proud Owner of a Ground Hog Arena Tool Since 2011

“The customer service was great. Took their time explaining the ground hog equipment to us and all the option it offers. We were shocked how fast we could get the ground hog delivered”.

Kim True-Henningsen
Parent of a Barrel Racer
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

“Just watching it (The Ground Hog Arena Tool) work the ground at Bridle Creek we are very impressed. It (The Ground Hog Arena Tool) doesn’t seem to have any uneven points. The dirt is VERY consistent. I know the barrel racers love it, even the ones that end up on the ground”.

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