Manufacturing and erecting a new building, fellowship hall or sanctuary is a major decision for a church. As with anything related to the church, you want to make a choice which will give your congregation the best value and result for the long-term.

Fortunately, for more than 50 years, Lucas Metal Works has built a strong reputation for quality and service in its steel building community, including dozens of church projects. We appreciate all the happy customers over the years who have benefited from our custom built metal buildings.

Church Activity Center

The Right Building For Your Congregation

We can help church committees with the plans for new construction, updates and full remodels of existing buildings. We strive to provide a steel church building that encourages a spirit of worship, teaching, and business while accommodating any congregation’s price point.

Building with Lucas allows for quick construction and endless design options. From modest to elaborate religious buildings, we can create an environment that’s right for you. Steel framed church buildings provide the answer when a community is looking for a place to worship and fellowship. Other ways a metal building can assist a church is creating a place for a daycare, a meeting room, office, activity center or even a summer camp.

At Lucas, we work closely with you to custom design the perfect steel building and add-ons. Don’t know exactly what you want, but you know you need a building? We can help! Let us design it for you! Give us your wants and our expertise in the field of design and manufacturing will meet the needs of your church and congregation for years to come. Or, try out our new, free building visualizer and color selector.

Church Buildings That Are Built To Last

Our customers reap the benefits of our purchasing power leverage, along with custom manufacturing processes all performed right here at our own facility in Ochelata, Oklahoma. Lucas Metal Works also employs expert welders and top of the line panel and trim specialists. Quality control is monitored throughout the entire building process and allows for improved service and quicker turn-around times for our customers.

Lucas customers always rest easy knowing they are investing in steel products that look good, stand the test of time and most importantly save time, energy and money.

We commit to meeting the needs of all our customers with custom steel buildings that are built to last. Our response is guided by our appreciation and loyalty to you. We always go above and beyond to ensure excellent service before, during and after each sale.

Why not contact us today? We are happy to share a free quote and plans with you to help you envision your future project. At Lucas, we are big enough to handle the large jobs, and small enough to call our customers, “friends”.