Our Lucas Building staff members are metal home design experts. This is in part because many of our staff actually live in a metal home themselves. This allows us to give you actual insight from actual metal homeowners. By getting first-hand knowledge, you can know realistic construction and energy cost savings of building and living in a metal home.

With endless floor plan options, the design of your metal home is completely customizable to meet your specific needs and desires. Steel home construction allows for a range of options. You can be assured that our Lucas Building staff will provide you with an easy-to-follow design process. The size, shape, roof pitch, exterior finish, and wainscoting are only a few of the options you get to decide in our metal house design process.

Advantages of Metal Homes


Unlike other building materials, your new metal home will have a solid steel frame as its backbone. Helping provide a secure foundation to protect your home when unpredictable weather strikes. Steel homes are among the most weather resistant residential structures on the market. 

Energy Efficiency:

We are dedicated to green building for both new and retrofit construction for metal houses. A metal home with a steel frame and 40-year finish warranty metal trim, roofing panels, and siding is one of the most energy-efficient building material combinations you can come across as a homeowner. Annual energy savings from just the roof itself will provide a return on its investment for years to come. 

Construction Savings:

An average steel-framed metal home is cheaper than other standard building materials. This provides the homeowner with more purchasing power to customize their metal home exactly how they want it the first time around.

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