For a rider, especially someone competing in rodeo events, safety is crucial. A poorly maintained arena floor can cause injury to a prized horse, as well as a competitor. Keeping safe is as important as winning, because it allows you to compete another day.

The best events and arenas around the country have found a solution which should give all horse owners and riders peace of mind. Lucas Metal Work’s Ground Hog Arena Tool is the go-to choice for arenas who consistently want to repair and rework their arena’s surface for maximum horse and rider safety. The Ground Hog can also take care of the task of filling in the holes horses leave behind, preventing future accidents.

A blog for professional horse groomers lists even dirt as the number one factor in keeping an arena safe for riders: “(Make sure) the ground is level. And it’s maintained to stay level. The earth is a changing thing – even under the base of a solidly constructed arena, you will have shifting over time and weather. You also have the added factor of many riders using one track, which creates a much harder pack than the less popular places to ride, such as off the rail.”

The Ground Hog has gotten rave reviews and recommendations from arena owners, rodeos and riders across the country. That’s how well it works.

The Ground Hog tool was designed in 1996 by Raymond Lucas. He was an arena owner himself and was the dad and granddad of a family of nationally known barrel racers. He knew how devastating an injury of a horse or its rider could be. He took his metalworking skill and created a device which could be a total solution for arena grooming, producing one consistent result every drag, with just one pass.

The Ground Hog works like this: It has hydraulically operated ripper shanks to rework the dirt, while double grader blades evenly fill in holes left by horses. Then the Ground Hog’s finishing roller compact and safe ground for competitors. The tool’s goal is all about creating a predictable arena floor so competitors can focus on their sport instead of their safety. Thus the slogan, “One tool, one pass, one great result!”

Since Lucas is a horse and rodeo family, we value the voice of the competitor and horse owner in everything we do. When it comes to The Ground Hog, we are offering a referral fee upon purchase if you send an arena our way.

Contact Lucas Metal Works to find the Ground Hog right for your arena, or a Ground Hog dealer near you.