At Lucas Metal Works we know that any metal building we produce needs a solid structural foundation to support it for long-term success and safety. Our red iron structural steel frames are available for buildings of all types. The resilience and dependability of these frames are a solid element of why we say Lucas buildings are Built To Last.

Every part of our steel building frames are engineered and fabricated to exact precision. This highly-specific engineering is the difference between a quality frame and one that may fail in the future. Our red iron steel frames plus innovative design give our customers a stable, lasting foundation at an affordable price. Your project is sure to stand the test of time with a red iron frame.

What are the other advantages of steel frame construction?

  • Steel can be covered in any material, especially our wide variety of metal panels, or any other façade.
  • Steel is flexible and enduring, ideal for areas that experience unpredictable weather.
  • A steel building can be erected much quicker than other materials.
  • Steel frames are up to 90% lighter than a comparable concrete frame.

We offer different framing styles to fit every need. This ensures that when you dream up a metal building for your home or business, we will deliver the exact frame and metal panels you need to make it happen. All of our layouts are overseen by our expert team of designers so you can have confidence that not only will your project be strong and stable, but it will look great too.

We offer clear-span interior, column-free design for modular and multi-span structures, along with many other styles to meet the specific needs of your enterprise.

Other frame styles include:

  • Clear-span frames
  • Tapered clear-span frames
  • Clear-span single-slope frames
  • Modular frames with interior columns
  • Modular frames with sloped roofs

Whatever you can dream up, our building team will execute. We have a long track record for creating outdoor buildings for equipment storage, hobby spaces, livestock, workshops and warehouses.

At Lucas, we have our own firm foundation. We’ve spent decades building the trust of our customers with high-quality metal buildings and friendly service. Contact us today and learn how we are ready to build your strong future!