Agricultural Steel Buildings

Agricultural Steel Buildings | Equipment Storage Building | Tulsa, OK

When needing an agricultural steel building for your farm or ranch you need the most efficient means of storage for your equipment and livestock while providing the ultimate protection from mother nature’s wrath. The industry’s best, Lucas Buildings – located near Tulsa, OK – carries and manufactures only the most energy efficient and durable steel building products.

Lucas Buildings carries a range of products for your agricultural steel building from walk-in doors and garage doors to insulation and windows. The frame, trim, metal roofing and wall panels are manufactured in-house to ensure quality and to pass the savings directly on to you. Below are some of the most common buildings we design to suit the needs of farmers, ranchers and horse enthusiasts in the Tulsa, OK area.

Common Agricultural Steel Buildings

Hay Storage:

Whether round or square bales your hay bales need to be sheltered year round from the harsh and unpredictable weather. No matter the volume of hay production, our custom steel framing designs allow for endless shapes and sizes of steel buildings to meet your specific hay storage needs.

Cattle & Livestock Buildings:

If livestock as your source of income and what puts food on the supper table for your family, your investment in the animals needs to be protected. Lucas Buildings offer a basic overhead covering to block the sun, to a fully insulated steel building. Keep your animals at the right temperature and healthy in an custom steel Lucas Building.

Farm Equipment Storage/Barns:

The Lucas family has a long history in the agricultural industry as farmers of both crops and livestock. Lucas Buildings knows the importance of keeping your farm equipment safe. Farm equipment is what makes life around the farm more efficient. Lucas Buildings offer endless design options for your farm equipment storage or barn building, even the biggest of farm machinery can be safely stored indoors.

Farm Shop/Farm Office:

When the farm is your business, you need a place to store both your equipment and your daily business operations. Custom steel framing allows for endless shape and size options for your farm shop/farm office. Maximize both your shop work and office work all under one roof.

Riding Arenas/Horse Stalls:

As the manufacturer of the only arena tool with an attitude, The Ground Hog Arena Tool, we know a thing or two about riding arenas. Our start in the agricultural steel building industry was with a riding arena constructed on the grounds of our founding father’s land. That was nearly twenty years ago and the arena still houses rodeo events to this day. Size, horse stalls, shape, skylights, walk-in doors, restrooms, and insulation are your choice when designing a custom agricultural steel building with Lucas Buildings.

Dairy Barns:

As a dairy farmer your dairy facility needs to be housed in a building that allows for maximum utility. Lucas Buildings offer custom clear-span steel framing designs that offer the maximum utility desired. We will assist you with designing your stall barns, milking parlors and/or the housing needed for your livestock. Lucas Building Experts will be there for you from conception of design through the finished product.

Crop Duster Hangar:

Lucas Buildings knows about the importance of having reliable aircraft storage. Our clear-span framing options allow for various length and height options to house all sizes of aircraft. Endless steel building design options allow for the appropriate size and type of door. Lucas Buildings has the complete solution for your crop dusting aircraft storage needs.

Metal Roofing:

As a supplier of steel building systems we know the importance of providing an exterior panel that is both durable and energy efficient. The same can be said for roofing. That is why we invested into industry leading equipment to provide both low-rib and high-rib metal panels for homeowners and business owners. With annual energy savings up to 25%, reduced maintenance costs and a 40-year finish warranty farmers can reduce their energy costs by choosing metal roofing. So save the planet, save money, and roof metal.