The Lucas Hay Spears Single Spear model comes standard with 48″ main solid steel spears that offer 44″ of usable spear. In addition, two secondary spears help provide no-spin stabilization during the transportation of round bales and square bales. All Single Spear models are backed with a 3″ solid steel frame, unlike the cheaper competitors on the market. Use low quality steel for the implement’s frame will shorten the life of the implement and make lifting heavier bales more dangerous for the operator. That’s why Lucas Equipment only uses 3″ quality American steel for their hay spear frames.

Available in multiple hitch styles, the Lucas Hay Spears Single Spear model provides hay bale producers, farmers, ranchers, and rural homeowners with the most versatile one spear bale attachment for round bales and square bales. 

Lucas Metal Works, Building Metal, Ochelata, OK