The holiday break is a great time to gather with your family around the table. We eat there, exchange gifts and talk about the year ahead. If a new building on your property is part of your plans, then Lucas Metal Works has another holiday family activity for you: Our free Visualizer and Color Selector tool.

A Tool To Design Your Building Online

Our tool allows you to visualize residential, commercial, agricultural buildings by selecting one of our sample building photos. But it doesn’t stop there. You can also upload your own photos so you can see and come up with as many ideas as you can think of for any type of building!

The ability to change the color and customizations of your siding, roof and trim can give you more than 100,000 different combinations. These shades and styles can help you match your existing structure or interiors. You can include sidings that replicate wood and stone and various types of trim.

We’re Commited To Our Customers

It’s our goal to give our customers all the information they need so they can partner with Lucas Buildings on the construction of your project, from functional to dream structures. 

For more than 50 years, Lucas Metal Works has been providing our customers with top-quality buildings and customer service. Adding the visualizer shows our commitment to giving our customers the latest tools to meet their needs. 

Lucas Metal Works is committed to meeting your needs. Our appreciation and loyalty guide our response to our customers. We have always proven to go above and beyond to ensure excellent service before, during and after each sale. Try out our Visualizer today, or contact us to get a conversation started.