Metal Buildings Considerations

When it comes to selecting a superior building material, metal buildings really should be at the top of your list. More than a “shed,” metal buildings can be used for virtually any application or function imaginable — from warehouses to commercial locations and offices to schools, churches, and even residential homes. Selecting a metal building for your next construction project is a no-brainer. With this being said, we understand that there may be one aspect of this process that may not be a no-brainer — selecting the color scheme of your new metal building.

Building Components to Customize

Even though some have selected metal building colors that are relatively drab or benign, your buildings certainly don’t have to be this way. In fact, there are a variety of color options at your fingertips. Even more exciting, there are several different parts of most metal building models to customize. These parts include the roof, the exterior walls, exterior, wainscot, and exterior trim.

Still, visualizing the various color combinations possible with these sections of a metal building can be difficult. To help you confidently select your next metal building’s color scheme, your friends at Lucas Metal Works are proud to introduce the Metal Building Visualizer.

What is the Metal Building Visualizer?

Our free, online visualizer tool is great for testing out color and design options before you commit to a plan. You can try thousands of combinations to find the perfect look for your new metal building. Each section of a Lucas Metal Works metal building has 18 different colors to choose from:

  • Cool White
  • Arctic White
  • Polar White
  • Galavalume
  • Ash Gray
  • Old Town Gray
  • Light Stone
  • Sahara Tan
  • Sand Surf
  • Steel Gray
  • Hawaiian Blue
  • Forest Green
  • Koko Brown
  • Burnished Slate
  • Patriot Red
  • Colonial Red
  • Burgundy
  • Black

Over 100,000 Color Combinations

Each part of your metal building can come in any of the colors mentioned above. That includes the roof, exterior walls, exterior wainscot, and exterior trim of a metal building. When crunching the numbers, this equals 104,976 possible color combinations. Because we realize that the number of possibilities can be overwhelming, we built the Metal Building Visualizer. to help you narrow down your selections. Using this nifty tool, you can see a preview of what every component looks like next to the other various metal building components in any of the color options.

Possibilities are Virtually Endless

So, go on — have fun mixing and matching a metal building color scheme that perpetuates your company’s brand, complements your other buildings, or something totally off the wall if you want to have fun with it! While the options aren’t technically endless, there are over 100,000, so you shouldn’t have any trouble customizing a design that’s uniquely yours.

Customize Your Metal Building Right Now!