Lucas Metal Works proudly offers quality and dependable, custom storage buildings.

The growing demand for these types of project has allowed Lucas Metal Works to shine in the self-storage industry throughout Mid-West.  The versatility of our metal self-storage buildings will ensure your investment creates satisfied customers and economic returns for years to come.

Classic comic books, furniture and family valuables all need somewhere to be stored safely, securely and affordably.  We strive to build mutually beneficial relationships with the metal self-storage building owners who meet these needs by providing industry-leading insight, sustainable products, and endless design options. We work to earn the trust of these business owners to become the Oklahoma self- storage building supplier for all their expansion needs.

We are proud to offer industry-leading self storage kits for sale throughout Oklahoma, as well as nationwide.  Our metal self-storage buildings are available in all sizes and shapes to meet your design needs.  In addition to 16 aesthetically pleasing colors for our panels and doors.  Click below for more information and for free self-storage building quotes.

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