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One Tool. One Pass. One Result.

The Ground Hog Arena Tool enables arena owners and rodeo event dirt crews to not only rework the surface with the unit’s hydraulically operated ripper shanks but also fill in the holes that are dug by performance horses. This is accomplished with the unit’s double grader blades, which allow for dirt to be carried by the unit and evenly distributed throughout the arena. Allowing for the unit’s pegged finishing roller to flawlessly compact and finish the ground safely for the horse and rider. The Ground Hog Arena Tool is available in seven different versatile sizes for both category 1 and category 2 tractors. The unit is available in three colors (blue, black, green). See the recommended horsepower chart for what size of unit works best with your tractor and arena.

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Designed by an arena owner and avid father and grandfather of nationally renown barrel racers. The Ground Hog Arena Tool was designed in 1996 to provide the total solution for arena grooming with one tool, in one pass, that would produce one consistent result every drag, flawlessly conditioned ground.

The time and effort it took using other tools such as rakes, harrows, discs, plows, and other methods of arena grooming were not efficient. When dealing with speed horses the footing is of the essence to keep the horse sound and to achieve the best performance. The Ground Hog Arena Tool provides the most versatile tool for speed horses, rodeo producers, rodeo associations, and arena owners.